Q & A Questions answered “how can I sell one to many”

Hi there just over a week to go to a brand new  and totally dynamic Be Speak Sell Seminar. 30th July

I’ve been getting a few questions about the seminar so I filmed a short video answering them for you.

Q.1. I already have a talk but can’t sell very well?

Q.2. I don’t like speaking to big groups how else can I use it?

Q.3. I get nervous when I get to the selling part?

Q.4. I do the training but run out of time to sell and am rushed?

Q.5. I just get nervous speaking to groups?

All the answers are in the video.

Who is Be Speak Sell for?

 For who I call  Knowledge Professionals. I.e. Coaches, Consultants and Trainers as well as professional Service Providers E.g.  Financial and Legal, Health, Lifestyle and Wellnees providers generally who are selling their service 1 on 1.

The link to the page https://stevebrossman.com/bespeaksell/  has all the details of what will be covered… including ….you will walk away with a complete blueprint how to:

Be seen as the leader and go to person in their market,

  1. Have confidence and tools to present to groups to sell their products and programs, plus
  2. Develop a business model that will increase revenue and reduce time spent 1 on 1.

Plus …I’m sure you will know quite a few people who this could help so please forward this to them.

If you have any questions I haven’t covered please email me.