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Take the lead in a new or expanding market. Designed to reduce or avoid competition and price comparison. Expertise D.N.A. Distinctive Niche Authority

Here's what is covered in this course:

  • How to uncover your unique Authority Status.
  • How to create a Personal Brand that is designed specifically to use in marketing and not just business cards.
  • How to use your brand to stand out against competition
  • How to use new positioning to attract higher paying clients

At the end of the course you will have:

  • Created a “unique positioning statement” that will allow them to avoid the direct price comparison.
  • Created a Personal Brand specific to achieve the growth outcomes of their business.
  • The framework to leverage the new personal brand to create more valuable products and services which will deliver higher profits and growth.

Delivery Method
Training: Online videos and 1 Day live training
Mentoring and Implementation Coaching: Bi weekly 1 month

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More about Steve Brossman and Authority Marketing

Steve is a former National Professional Track Champion, has been an Entrepreneur since 15 and is the Author of the Amazon No. 1 Best Seller Stand Up Stand Out or Stand aside.

Since he was 15 in his first business Steve has used positioning/authority marketing to build many of his successful businesses against bigger and more established competition.

In 1984 took a simple kids activities club in one location and turned it into a TV Show and licensed it into 5 countries.

In 1995 when he classed himself as a “good fitness professional” he niched into and was soon regarded in the top 3 globally in Children’s Activities, Seniors Fitness, Aquafitness and fitness marketing, Steve became the first Non-American to be awarded International Fitness Instructor of the Year against international TV Fitness Personalities. This was the start of showing people how to change the game and win on your rules.

In 2000 he invented, manufactured, marketed and distributed globally an environmental product.  Following what he now teaches they sold programs and solutions to a problems and not just a product and this resulted in it winning International Environmental Awards against more established companies. They ended up selling 4 million units into 26 Countries.

Over the past 10 years Steve has focused on the major components of Videos Books and Speaking as the tools of his trade and himself has morphed from social media specialist, video marketing guy to being highly regarded as “The Authority Catalyst”.

His classic quote is “Your perceived position predicts your profits!

Here are just some of the results from people who have implemented these Strategies.


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