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Steve’s Life and Business...

is geared towards helping people EXCEED their own personal and professional expectations.

Despite being born with ‘bent’ legs and never winning an athletics championship at school Steve set a plan to win his final race in his last High School year.

Using the 6 principles he wrote about in his book EXCEED he succeeded and within 2 years went on to become a National Track Champion.

After crushing 3 discs in his back while training for the Olympics, he fell in love with the fitness industry while doing rehab. Several years later he was the first Non-American to be awarded International Fitness Instructor of the year. …

Nothing pains Steve more than seeing people needlessly wasting their own potential.

With a variety of tools, resources and training delivered with boundless energy and passion Steve is driven to help people create Clarity of PURPOSE, increase their own Personal PERFORMANCE and achieve Sustainable PROSPERITY.

Are you ready to personally grow as much as your business will?

A Personal Message From Steve

Welcome, and it’s great to see you drop by. If you are looking for more than a textbook cookie cutter coach and want to work with someone who has actually created several 6 and 7 figure multi-national businesses of his own, then you are in the right place. You will get your own 4 Coaches/Consultants wrapped up in one as I live by and will be working with you on the four B’s.

BRAIN: Mindset is key and as a former committee member of the World Mind Body Fitness Committee you will gain insights you never imagined.

BODY: Personal performance is key. You will have access to my experience as an Olympic High Performance and track coach and no I won’t make you do sprints around the block, just help create a high performing YOU.

BRAND: Your Perceived Position Predicts your Profits. Not only will I help create your Unique Authority Position as a Former Network T.V. Show host and producer I will help you communicate it to the world in a clear and compelling way.

BUSINESS: When you add 40 years experience of running my own businesses, with helping over 65,000 owners and professionals to a lifetime of learning you will have access to an immense pool of knowledge and innovation to help you and your business become more than you ever thought possible.

Promise me that when you come to work with me that you won’t expect ‘normal.’

What People Say About Steve

One conversation delivered a $360,000 deal

"I took your advice from 1 CONVERSATION and used it on a new client pitch yesterday and closed a $360,000 deal. Thank you so much man. This had been a mystery for me for years. “

Nick C

Inc 500 Consultant

$6 million on first call with their Blueprint.

“I’ve been in sales for 15 years but needed something extra. The first day I used Steve’s Full System I closed a $500,000 per month contract over the phone.”

Chris M

Financial Services Business Owner

Immediate results

“Steve this is amazing training. So powerful and the group is excellent
Why doesn’t everyone teach this. It has delivered me immediate results."

Dr. Gladys L

Executive Coach.

“My Dreams are now the envy of my reality.”

My Blueprint is the reason for my 6 Figure Business and a lifestyle without financial stress.

Prosper T

Digital Marketer/Invest

Made $25,000 in first week of coaching

“I had a great first week after initial coaching call. I signed 3 new clients for over $25,000. An amazing start thanks. You are helping me get out of my own road.

Shoma M

Knowledge Extraction and Leverage Specialist

Nailed It in 10 Minutes

“Steve, I have wasted $35,000 and 12 months with so called guru consultants and you nailed it in just 10 minutes. Your system is next level.”

Matt C

Coaching and Training Organisation

Reduced Sales Cycle by 75%

“Since using your sales system we have gone from three 40 min calls down to one 30 min call with much higher conversion rates.” And very excited clients. “

Denise M

Freelance Sales Specialist

Increased fees and Doubled Clients

“STOP… Since working with you we have increased our fees and more than doubled our clients beyond our comfortable capacity. Now let us catch up. But Thanks.”

Matt M

Leading Structural Podiatrist

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