Free Sales Training

Pendulum Sales Profits

SALES… That 4 letter word that most people hate doing yet your business will fall apart if it doesn’t have enough.

In this short 4-minute video I will take you through a very simple process that will:

  • increase your conversion rate (through helping more people)
  • Increase your comfort level selling and
  • show you how you can increase your prices and offerings.

1.05 I talk about the Red Zone that kills a business. 

2.55 Swing the pendulum out to the “Bleeding Neck Problem”(Perry Belcher)

3.25 The bigger the swing the bigger the payoff

3.45 Wants, Needs & Transformation to increase Prices

4.15 Provide the Benefit behind the Benefit

4.30 Bloopers (minor course language out of frustration)


WARNING: Expertise Publishing Game Changer Book …Only 1 Spot left 

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