Welcome To The Change The Game

Change the Game Overview

Welcome to the Change the Game Program. What you are about to do is to start the exact process that I usually do with my private coaching clients when we are working on positioning and repackaging their services. Watch this video first and it will give you a brief overview.

Change the Game Video

Once you have watched this video, download the Unique Champions Worksheet (either Word or PDF), this is where I have listed over 30 areas where you can look to identify parts of your business and your background where you can claim to be unique.

Try to find 10 and then take the top 5 into the Change the Game Matrix.

Unique Champion Worksheet PDF
Unique Champion Worksheet Word

Next to How to fill in the Change the Game Matrix

Download the Matrix and work through it with the video. This will help you more clearly to identify your market, recognise your competition and find how to use your uniqueness to stand out in your market.

Change The Game Matrix PDF
Change The Game Matrix Word