Case Study 2 1/2 times income in 3 months

I have to share this with you. It is about a lady I have recently worked with to more than double her income in just 3 months and be able to work less.

Here is a quick video talking about it with the details below.

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Lately I keep getting approached by business owners who are frazzled, run ragged working too many hours seeing too many people (clients) just to pay the bills. Sound familiar? Then read on.

Last year I started working with a let’s just call her a New Age healer.

She was really ‘out there’ with her methods but when it all boiled down to it provided what many down to earth people needed.

“Removing people blockages around money and wealth”

AND has had some enormous success with high level business people.

However she was working too many hours seeing too many clients 1 on 1 … again sounding familiar.

Initial situation. Because of the draining nature of the sessions she could do only 16-18 per week @ $120

Total about $8k per month working up to 72 hours.

SO Step 1: Obviously increase the per session price to $150

Step 2: Create a seminar and charge $197 for the whole Day… result 25 @ $197.00 =  Say $5,000

Step 3 Create a higher level ‘feminine’ (mastermind type program 2 hours per week)  At the seminar she sold 12 spots  @ $497 for 8 weeks say $6,000 or $3k per month ..

Total result for 1st month of the new format.

TOTAL                               $14,000.00  working 56 hours 

 compared to                     $8,000         working 72 hours

Here is what happened month 2.

Clients            40 @ $150             (monthly)           = $6,000.00

Seminar          40 @ $197                                         = $8000.00

2 Masterminds   24 @ $497          (monthly)        = $6,000.00

Total                                                                          = $20,000.00

Hours worked up to 64 per month  or just 16 hours per week.


That’s 250% or 2 ½ times original monthly income still working less hours.


How to do this will be covered at my next Be Speak Sell Seminar  30th July

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