What is the Blueprint Conversion system all about?

The Blueprint Conversion System has been specifically designed for professionals and service provides who struggle with traditional marketing and sales techniques.

It contains what you need to know to get your business
creating a queue of high value clients.

The Blueprint Conversion System will show you step by step how to take your business to the next level though attracting quality prospects and making it easier and more enjoyable to make more sales.

The B.C.S. is for people who are ready to break free from shackles of chasing and acquiring new clients and want to spend more time delivering great service at a higher level.

So imagine you were shown exactly how to have:

  • A system that delivered quality people wanting to work with you.
  • Unique positioning that elevates you away from your competition
  • A process where you never have to explain yourself again
  • The confidence and the tools to help you convert the majority of your sales conversations into high quality clients.
  • Your own Blueprint that makes sales and enrolment seem effortless and enjoyable.

Are you ready for the Blueprint Conversion System?

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The BSC will show you how to:

Module 1. 
Create your own Unique Position.

We will take your own abilities and strengths and develop your own unique position in the Market.

That will allow you to break free from the “Brown Box” price comparison market and attract the high value clients you seek.

Module 2.
Develop Sought After Programs.

We will take your most successful services and the highest needs, wants and desires of your premium value market and create highly sought-after programs.

Moving away from commodity and input-based delivery will, increase the long-term value of your clients, boost retention, deliver them greater results and create a steady flow of referrals.

Module 3. 
Develop your Client Conversion Blueprint.

Your Blueprint is the cornerstone of the whole program and becomes a weapon for your marketing and sales.

The Blueprint you will be creating is based on accepted physiological and human behaviour principles and will set you apart from others in your market.

You will be seen to have a system and formula for their success. People will pay more for a System that a collection of ideas.

You will become ‘the creator of… ‘ positioning you immediately as an Authority.

Module 4.
Increase sales by selling from the Blueprint.

The Blueprint Conversion System or selling with a Blueprint has been hailed as the most innovative single breakthrough in selling in the past 5 years.

It’s not a collection of new scripts, or ninja persuasion techniques, it is a complete new approach to selling via collaboration and selling the system not yourself.

Imagine going in to a sales conversation knowing that at the end you don’t have to sell yourself. Yet when you follow the Blueprint formula they will be eager to take your program.

Having a Blueprint has already demonstrated time savings in sales presentations and sales cycles by 50% to 300%. What could you do with that time.

Module 5. 
Delivers a template for Social Media.

Your Blueprint will be the foundation for your Marketing and Authority Positioning Collateral (Videos, Book, Speaking).

You will never be caught wondering what to post again. Simple work your way through the topics in your blueprint.

Don’t take my word for it see the results others are getting using the Blueprint Conversion System.

Based on proven SYSTEM.

The Blueprint Conversion System has been created on what I have personally done in my businesses over the past 30 years. This is not a theory course! I have actually tested and refined with my clients across a variety of professions over the past 10 years.

There is no luck involved here. Just a step by step process that when you take action will deliver real results.

Are you ready For the Blueprint Conversion System?

You can get started today for a single investment of just $497. Here are your two Options

Blueprint Conversion System Online

4 Modules Including videos and worksheets
  1. Creating your Authority Positioning
  2. Designing Hi Value Hi Desire Programs
  3. Your Client Conversion Blueprint
  4. Selling from your Blueprint.
Private Facebook Group for Support and Networking.

Total Value $997

Today $497

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Blueprint Conversion System Fast Track

The Complete Online Program.
  • 4 Week Group Mentoring with weekly group video calls with Training Q & A and Hotseats.
  • 2 Tickets to the 1 Day Implementation Day where you have full access to Steve to help you review and refine your System

Total Value $2,991

Today $997

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Ask yourself… What is your plan to get more high value clients yet spend less time with unproductive marketing and sales?

I know when you implement our strategies you won’t be asking yourself that question.

There are quality people ready to buy from you right now, except they see you the same as everyone else and you may not have the confidence or right tools to help you sell to them.

The only thing stopping this from happening is you knowing what to do next.

I personally look forward to helping you create the business you truly believe you can.


Who is Steve Brossman?

Steve is a former National Professional Track Champion and is the Author of the Amazon No. 1 Best Sellers ‘Stand Up, Stand Out or Stand Aside’ and ‘The Authority Client Attraction System”.

He has created several 6 and 7 figure businesses of his own, including inventing and marketing an environmental product selling 4 million units into 26 Countries.

With over 20 years TV and video experience including hosting and producing his own TV Show on Ch 9 and appearing on TV in 5 Continents he is one of Australia’s most experienced video presenter trainers.

Steve has spoken in 15 countries and trained over 32,000 Speakers, Coaches and Business Owners to Stand out in their market.

Recognised as real influencers Pam and Steve were invited to a high-level mastermind with Sir Richard Branson on his own Necker Island.

Many years ago, Steve overcame his own fear of selling by creating systems and programs to sell instead of himself. This has evolved into the Blueprint Conversion System. Steve gets so excited to see people’s lives change within hours of implementing the Blueprint Conversion System.

Steve has hosted and produced a TV Show for Channel 9, worked directly with Warner Bros USA, and his book Stand Up, Stand Out or Stand Aside went No.1 on Amazon in just 12 hours.

He now gets invited to attend high level mastermind groups with Richard Branson of his own private Island.

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