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Most recently I’ve been teaching and coaching systems and blueprints on how to uncover your Authority Factor and communicate it to your market.

Whether you are a solopreneur, CEO of a larger organisation or even the head of a franchise, look to see how you can use The Authority Client Attraction System in your business to Stand Up and Stand out in your market.

In the following chapters I will take you step by step through the system and show you how you can implement it in your business including:

  • An exact blueprint to be able to position yourself as an Authority and stand out from your competition.
  • The steps to create programs and change the packaging of your services that will allow you to increase your fees and sell more.
  • How to build your own Client Conversion Blueprint that will boost your conversion rates and slash sales time.
  • Exact scripts and templates that makes selling services much easier and predictable.
  • Case Studies showing how professionals just like you have used this system.

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Steve Brossman

Is it time to take your business to a new level?

Steve is known as the Authority Catalyst and will help you become the leader in your market FAST

With 30 years helping businesses stand out in their market, speaking to over 21,000 people in 15 countries alongside some of the worlds leading business experts, discover now how Steve can help you.

  • Marketing

    Steve has taken more than a dozen ideas of his own to market and created successful businesses from them. Including multi country licensing, inventing, design, offshore manufacturing and international marketing distribution of a physical product.

  • Training

    Interlinked training modules to help build your personal brand and grow your business.

  • Coaching

    His track record in taking ideas to market and creating successful businesses, standing out in very crowded markets and winning National and International Awards gives him the credibility that he should be listened to.

  • Speaking

    Steve is not a speaker for the sake of being a speaker, one of those who pick a popular topic and builds a talk around it. He entwines his vast and varied experience across several subjects to deliver high quality information mixed with practical experience in his laconic yet energetic delivery style.

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Innovative, Engaging, Informative & Entertaining...

A dynamic speaker who delivers every talk and presentation with commitment and passion.

He entwines his vast and varied experience across several subjects to deliver high quality information mixed with practical experience in his laconic yet energetic delivery style.

  • Stand Up, Stand Out or Stand Aside

    Delivered as an entertaining keynote it is a mixture of some of Steve’s humorous life experiences and real life marketing tips.

  • How to create a Stand Out business in a crowded Marketplace

    A 90 min – 2 hour seminar in Sydney covering Steve’s Blueprint for creating a Stand Out business and avoiding the price wars, competing on price and starting to business on your terms.

  • The Authority Factor

    How to combine the holy trinity of positioning Videos, digital publishing, becoming an Amazon Best Seller and Speaking to become the leader and Authority in your market.

  • Digital Sales Boost

    Learn how to integrate videos and video emails into your marketing, sales and customers service to increase, leads, Conversions and referrals.

  • The Authority Accelerator

    This 2 Day workshop combines the best of Video Marketing to help you overcome fears of the camera, present and produce videos and video marketing strategies that sell.

  • Be, Speak, Sell

    This 2 Day workshop is designed for those who want to leverage their time speaking to groups to promote and sell their products or services.

Saved $35K in 10 minutes with Steve...


Doubled our intake of clients

Matt McGuire
Hip to Toe Functional Podiatry

The results we have had over the last 7 months is phenomenal. We have doubled our intake of clients.... Anyone who wants to increase their clients, speak to Steve.

He is an absolute guru in video marketing

Willem Flach
Integrity Facility Services

He is an absolute guru in video marketing and getting yourself out there and it is really worth the time to go along to one of his seminars and learn all about it.

An increase in candidates of 800%.

Kate Prior
Face to Face Recruitment

We used to have 20 candidates per month through our website monthly previoously. Adding the video content onto our website we are getting 160 resumes per month. Thats an increase of 800%.

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