New Free Sales Training “The Pendulum”

Welcome to 2016 and some free Sales Training for you.

SALES… That 4 letter word that most people hate doing yet your business will fall apart if it doesn’t have enough.

“Click Here to watch the Video” 

In this short 4-minute video I will take you through a very simple process that will:

  • increase your conversion rate (through helping more people)
  • Increase your comfort level selling and
  • show you how you can increase your prices and offerings.

1.05 I talk about the Red Zone that kills a business. 

2.55 Swing the pendulum out to the “Bleeding Neck Problem”(Perry Belcher)

3.25 The bigger the swing the bigger the payoff

3.45 Wants, Needs & Transformation to increase Prices

4.15 Provide the Benefit behind the Benefit

4.30 Bloopers (minor course language out of frustration)


If you like this short video training email me as to what you would like next.