Attention Start-ups and businesses in growth phase seeking investment for expansion.

If you are getting ready to pitch your business, or you have been knocked back through lack of preparation or presentation confidence then you will boost your chances with the Investability Acceleration Programs.

Your Investability Accelerator Programs are designed for successful start-ups and business owners who are seeking funding to grow their business.

For investees who have a financially attractive opportunity yet lack clarity and confidence to present the offer to Investors.

This program specifically focuses on getting YOU personally and professionally “Pitch Ready”.

Your Investability Acceleration Programs:

These programs are designed to work on you the Investee and your supporting collateral to enhance the Investability of you and your business.

The initial programs are divided into 4 separate modules and will be delivered via a mix of online training as well as live boardroom style/workshops. Or the complete program can be delivered as one on one consulting and coaching program.

Module 1: Creating your Authority Position and the Product as a Unique Solution.


Part 1: Your Authority Position is often overlooked yet is integral to the success of your funding Pitch. Being seen as an Authority makes you a more attractive Investee.

Part 2: Discovering and clearly articulating your product as a unique and outcome-based solution in in the market creates extreme value in your presentation


Module 2: Creating your Investable Story and Business Model Blueprint.


Part 1: Your investable story is a short yet powerful way to communicate your background plus how and why you created your product. It delivers the facts and emotion behind the product.

Part 2: The Business Model Blueprint allows you to clearly show the investors that you have an easily understandable and robust plan to deliver the product to market in a profitable way.


Module 3: Communicating your I.T.E.P. (Investment to Exit Plan)


The I.T.E.P. is a plan that clearly demonstrates to the Investors that you have a plan for them to receive their desired ROI in a timely manner and in an appropriate type of exit.


Module 4: Delivering a Compelling Pitch/Presentation Confidence, Clarity, Content and Charisma.


The presentation needs to be very clearly articulated so the Investors know exactly who you are, what you are asking for, what the offer and opportunities are.

A short punchy and no waffle presentation will show the investors that you know how to concisely deliver information which will make you appealing to work with.

Background and Team

Steve Brossman Founder and Creator of the Your Investability Program.

Over the past 10 years I have been working with SME’s in the professional and service space creating their Unique Authority Positioning and communicate it in a compelling way to successfully attract more high value clients.

In doing this we design and create their Client Conversion Blueprint which has created extraordinary results in engagement and sales. We will model this process and tool to use to attract and engage investors.

Prior to that I:

- Designed a Children’s activities club program and licensed it into 5 Countries,
- Created a Weight loss program and licensed it in two countries,
- Invented, manufactured and marketed an environmental product selling over 4 million units into 26 Countries. To launch the product, we successfully obtained external funding with a compelling story, 7 power point slides and no prototype.
- Have had over 20 years video and TV experience including Producing and Hosting a show on Channel 9 and being an Executive Producer with Warner Bros.
- Was named Video Marketing Influencer of the year in 2012.

I currently coach speaking and video presenting skills which will be invaluable to assist the owner in delivering a compelling pitch.

Pam Brossman - Visual Communications

Pam is a former Corporate Communications Specialist and has directly prepared presentation visuals for the CEOs of AMP and Westpac. Her skills will be an advantage to create a Pitch Deck and support material that is visually appealing, professional and communicates clearly, the opportunity and offer.

Plus, we are also building a team of leaders who,

Specialise in Exit Strategies for businesses

Coach start-ups and liaise with investors on the viability of opportunities,

Specialise in pitch deck creation

Are Investors themselves as well as experts who sit on advisory panels for investor groups reviewing viability of proposals and pitches.