Effortless Selling…Fact or Fiction?

How to attract more high-level clients and sell more easily.

Even if you don’t like selling.

Most professionals love doing what they do yet hate the selling part.

In this video, I use a very simple analogy of Usain Bolt. Finishing off many of his races effortlessly.

When you set up the whole process correctly the “sale” part becomes effortless AND enjoyable.

I go through a blueprint that has been working for me and my clients for the past 10 years delivering fantastic results.

Results like:

  • Doubling business in 3 months working 25% less (Coach)
  • Tripling sales in 3 weeks (Finance industry)
  • Doubling client bookings in 6 months just to name a few.  (health professional)

4  New Seminars

To launch the Authority Sales Boost to the public I am holding a series of seminars:  Click here for details 

Maitland 1st September

Castle Hill 20th September

North Sydney 21st September

I will take you through step by step how to create your Authority sales process and even give you your own blueprint to take and use.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me steve@stevebrossman.com