[Confession] Why I’ve been missing and $5k in Vegas

Self doubt that cost me 4 months


So why have I really been missing?  This is going to be real and raw. 


As you would probably know over the past 4 years I’ve been working with professionals helping them become the leader and authority in their market.


I’ve been quite comfortable and looking at the results of my clients I’ve been doing pretty good.

Yet I had an inner voice (and my wife) kept telling me.


“Step up and do it for larger businesses”.


Well you should have heard all the excuses….


… but they take too long to make decisions,

… I’d have to write a new book,

… who would be the authority in the business

….but I’m doing ok now…..


You name it I had it.


But deep down I really knew what the issue was.


I was comfortable where I was and didn’t think I was good enough to step up


You may be thinking … what?  Steve Brossman having a confidence issue?


Hmm I’ve spoken around the world, had my own TV Show, even had 1 on 1 breaky with Branson

and am more comfortable in front of a camera than a keyboard yet I had a confidence issue!!!


I’m sure you’ve had that little voice that yells damn loud.

But what is they don’t like it?….But what if it doesn’t work?


As The Authority Catalyst Coach and Mentor I was guiding my clients to go way beyond what they thought possible ..

Yet I was still playing the smaller game. I felt like a damn hypocrite….


Just a couple of months ago Pam saw some info on a two day Bootcamp

by a mentor I respected, and it was on a part of my business that I knew could improve.

So I jumped at the opportunity.


It was in Las Vegas help with just 5 other people.

Total cost around $5,000.

So I was spending 2 days with serious people who were prepared to invest in themselves.


While the training was good.


It was the kick in the butt from each of them saying ‘Hey Steve this will work great for businesses not just individuals”


These were 6, 7 and 8 Figure business owners so I certainly respected their butt kicking.


I did the obligatory walk up the Vegas Strip for only 1 hour and put $2 in a ‘slot machine’ just to say I did it but the rest of the time was spent reworking my business model etc.


It was the wake up call, butt kick and confidence boost that I needed.


Over the past 6 weeks I have written and new BOOK, created a new BLUEPRINT and created new PROGRAMS.


It has never been easier. When you know it is right …it just flows.


So that’s why I’ve been Missing In Action. The first part was struggling with what many people face all the time…. “was I good enough” to step up and once that decision was made …. Building my Authority Positioning and support collateral.


Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing some content from my new book and blueprint that you as a professional or as a business will be able to use to stand out and attract more high-level clients.


Thanks for sticking around. I do appreciate it.

I’m going to be delivering some fantastic free content as a reward for sticking by me.


If you feel like emailing me  and sharing any similar stories I’ll personally respond.

send to steve@stevebrossman.com