Thanks for grabbing the 36 min Sales Funnel Toolkit the way to fast track your  Low Cost, Low Tech and Low Time way to convert prospects into clients..

Tool Bag 1: ATTRACT

This will have:

  • The overview and Blueprint of the program
  • My social media program and...
  • Sample videos of Facebook and Linked In posts

Tool Bag 2: CONNECT

This will have:

  • Exact scripts and replies that I use for social media connections
  • The exact ‘meet Steve’ video that I currently use
  • The 3 Chapters of my book The Authority Client Attraction System that I use to send.
  • The Full Copy of the Book which includes training videos on: The Emotive Sales Pendulum and How to use a Blueprint to sell. All crucial for the next module.

Tool Bag 3: CONVERT

In this module you get:

  • The sample blueprint that I use
  • A used blueprint showing how it should look to get the sale.
  • A video as I take you through the sales process showing the exact technique to get high value clients in just 30 minutes.

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